Coping Up Rejections

I’ve done things that can be relatable to blog and qued ideas to share. But I was too busy living my daily routine. Then I realized how I became distant to connecting in social media and it’s people.

I’m taking regular vitamins of COPING UP REJECTIONS. It’s normal. You don’t have to feel dumb and looser when you encounter one. At least, that’s what I told myself.

An acquaintance that sets boundaries, pushing you to make a wall or just sit away from them.  Paid membership without any confirmation nor approval of being a part of the program. Restrictions on choosing what’s best because your parents were getting enough comfort with their contentment. The unappreciated effort, sacrifices, and disapproval of chances.   These are all just ordinary encounters that people feel less of its worth. It’s very dragging, yet the self-assurance that you can give to yourself is a lot more rewarding than someone else’s recognition when you overcome their judgment. But what’s worst to handle was, when you’re the one rejecting any potential and opportunity.   Procrastinating, hatred, and guilt.   I have to take care of myself. Paying attention to self-worth and being at my best. I’m pouring water in every hole to be whole. So, I find PAUSE-itivity doing these 3 activities listed below:  
  • Went back to basics and asked God’s help. Ever since I had this app, I feel motivated and able to accept things. It feels like every word was hitting every concern I had for that day. It comes with words from Rick Warren and a built-in bible data for daily scripture.
bible apps
  • I’m homeschooling and enjoying it. I will talk about this once I pass the first quarter. Hahaha!
AMA Online Education
  • And, I read random e-books. Imagination helps to keep you entertained rather than go shopping.
book apps Staying away from negativity doesn’t mean you’re making the situation inspirationally positive. Sometimes, you’re just hiding and dwelling on its effect that leads you nowhere. Instead, why not make your decisive action when circumstance aren’t favorable? It takes a lot of courage to say and stand on ‘yes or no’ decision. All you have to assess is how it will help you in the long run.

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