I started to blog December of 2015 using my Samsung Galaxy Duos on the free WordPress blogging platform.

I’m a frustrated writer, who loves to share goodness despite sub-consciously uttering angst. I write from the heart that doesn’t really care about structures.

I’ll glitter up this blog more about Art Crafts (Crochet and Painting), maybe D-I-Y’s. Girly views about beauty and practical lifestyle without compromising the dream to live in a Barbie world. Random experiences of a Working-Student-Mom obsessed about self-love and recreating life at its humble best.

Once upon a time…

mid-ber-month of 2016, I shamelessly asked Jexx through Instagram to how it works and be part of Davao Bloggers Society. Then dropped the registration fee at Mam Bebs.

I’ve met amazing people with different talents and achievements.

I was encouraged by Ria’s  blog coaching sessions to start making a checklist on how to walk like a Pro into blogging. Saying “Thank you” are not enough to express how grateful I am with the generous help I also received from Andrew and Jim for making possible.

Athina, such a wonderful person inside and out. Thank you for supporting my dream to have a ‘better-than-cellphone-camera’ picture quality and a book about knitting.

Even I’m not understanding the how’s and what’s in it about website designing. I feel the need to dig into it and I have WordPress Davao to help me on what I should know.

And there it goes!

Living my life with an outlet to compile and share,

Pieces of good things I keep to recharge positivity.

Helping to heal doubts,

Adding something new to my world.