I am an Entrepreneur


(Part 1 of 5)

I started as an Entrepreneur.

When I was 7 years-old, selling Caramel candy (Yema) and the lollipop is part of my school life. I do manicure and pedicure services to earn 20.00 Php (.40 US cents) when I was in 4th grade or doing it for free to practice the skills.

I make bead accessories to sell when I was in high school. I bought surplus television and makeups from it, not to mention splurging on the monthly copy of Candy magazine. At 16, I worked as a kitchen crew in Margie’s Kitchen (A pastry shop based in Butuan City and that was my first employment job.

I was one of the pioneers when they had their first branch in Davao City) 6 months passed and I had an opportunity to work as a laundry shop attendant then switched as a boutique attendant.

My salary was below minimum wage but the fun are worth remembering that adds on to my pride having a humble experience working from the ground.

This may not be a “Rags-to-Riches” story. but my experience will encourage you to keep on believing that you’ll always grow from nothing into something as you always believe in yourself. Do things more than what may people presume to see less towards your potential. You know who you are and keep the trust on your capabilities.

It was election time and the running candidate for the Congress offered free basic call center courses. I Passed and was trusted to work as a Quality Assurance agent, listening audios and data entry.

Then, I need to go to college. But my love for work never ended. During the first semester, I became the president of peer counseling club, but I find the team mute in school (way back 2010) There was nothing much on the club. So I run as a student body representative and became the head of external affairs.

My course was Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English but what I do was basically marketing engagements for school events and sponsorships. literally, just a messenger.

I got pregnant, that’s why I wasn’t able to continue my second term even if I was re-elected.
But, I started as an entrepreneur even before I was expected to do tasks. I sell munchkins with different fillings and coats. Buy and Sell stuff from online and enjoyed network marketing.

When my son turned 6 months old, I went back to study and worked as a gas station cashier, pump girl, and a fast food crew before I get into the Inbound and Outbound call center job.

6 months experience as a back office agent for a US based financial account and 9 months on billing and sales for a telecommunications company.

Then my life changed when I jumped into a new company based is California which I am mainly expected to do retention and order management for almost 3 years.

But, my youth will be gone too soon that I’m afraid my path isn’t relevant to how I want to see myself in the future. I started to be an online English tutor and put extra time on my crochet business and started to blog.

Before I forget, I also went back to continue my studies (irregular 3rd year).

During my blogging engagement, I was introduced to the freelancing platform.

Gave up all the “a little bit of everything” for something “one-time big-time” yet trial and error career.

As a virtual assistant, you happen to be your own boss. Your own employee and you need a team of skills! You’re creating a company out of your services.

I train myself through various project-based opportunities, went to an Adobe CC Workshop at KOM and currently attending the virtual assistant 1-month online course on FVA.


(Part 2 of 5) http://www.ellidunn.com/entrepreneur-part-2-of-5/


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