Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0 Results

According to Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0 Results, My strengths are:

Empathy, Restorative, Individualization, Ideation, and Connectedness.

strengths-finder-philippines What does it say that Stand out to me? Empathy– I love to play peoples’ responses. I don’t mean to do it in benefit of getting something from others or humiliate someone and pick a fight. But to knowing or feel how they respond and think will keep grounded where to stand. I know who’s pretending and trying their best to be on top. I feel everyone’s insecurities. Being insecure comes in 2 different actions. Those who don’t care how others feel and those who give meaning to other persona and act something contrast, so they will be someone according to how they want to be in the eyes of others. I’m not saying I know it all but, that’s just how I feel that makes me aware when to say “Hi” or “HIDE!” I want to be available for someone who is in need of time. I love to listen. I also love to talk. Not about memorized academic knowledge but of life experience and perception.
Yes, I’m always not taken seriously, AF. Hahaha! I’m boring and serious. But when I play, no one knows who’s the victim. I’m Evil, AF no. I’m humble who lacks acceptance from the people she cared.
Restorative– What Gallup says about this makes me so emotional that I can’t even start a word and cry. I don’t have good grades. Academics?! B-O-R-I-N-G. But I love life. I love debates. I love Philosophy. Oh, that’s part of the Academics and Psychology too! And yes.I’m inconsistent. I know how to adapt, just according to what I see reasonable and healthy. I want to see just the best in others. That’s the reason I hibernate when I can’t take the negativity of others. I don’t want myself to be the cause of their cuss. I also love and fall with those people who condition themselves to be the person they want to be. The reason why I detached myself to those who were blame-full and not choosing to treat people fairly and People who use consistency as an alibi to be contented, yet deep in their hearts are insecurities and regrets. I want to remember as a person who never gets tired to do things reasonable according to what is my reality and be someone who slowly but surely attaining her goals. Individualization– This maybe the strength I always keep not to expose or fight about to avoid conflict. But this helped me who and how to ask for help and give help. I always believe in the talent and skills of others, and that keeps me encouraged to do things on my own. I want to be remembered as someone they can trust when I encourage what’s best for them, and it’s never my intention to let them do things that might make them feel I’m picking rules that work best for them. Ideation– My friends do know that I am the person they can rely on things that give them options about things, life and whatever. But as I age, Sharing ideas makes people think I’m debating or putting words into their mouth. I don’t know why people take it as a threat. So, chill and not my loss if they put fire on things. Connectedness– I always do things with a purpose. I know what, even if people say that I don’t have any sense of direction. I love being lost and go with the flow with other people; there’s a reaction in every action.I believe that no man is an Island, but I know how to when things should enjoy still water than ocean waves. Eventually, people will meet according to its purpose. When I’m with a crowd, I tend to breathe the air surrounds than letting them see my kite that flies. I’m not plastic, but I want to see what’s fantastic.  

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