My Name is Elli Dunn

Hi! I’m Elli Dunn.
Born on May 05, 1991 at San Pedro Hospital Davao City. My mom’s attending obstetrician was Dr. Yolanda Tuasaon who also happened to be my doctor when I gave birth to Kieon Dane at Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital. Which she initiated to do Epidural anesthesia to save me from Cesarean section. I love colors, crafts, books, TED talks, Yogi-Mantra talks, skin care, scents and a bit of makeup and organic stuff.
What makes me busy? Learning and Making money.
And I’m excited to share that all through this blog. Since I make my Facebook and Twitter sleep. Like, It gets me lazy to blog coz I find the Social Media as an easy access to poop-out my boredom. And it’s not healthy anymore. Given that I love to tweak my own character/attitude based on how I observed people and life, I want to share how the books describe me. I think that’s pretty interesting. Rather than telling you prolog and epilog of my life. Self-awareness is the most important thing for me to gain self-love and to also protect myself from the others numbness. I don’t say that you have to know everything and follow things before you speak and act. But, having the chance to realize is enough and let the subconscious mind do its job. Once someone is reflecting at oneself, it doesn’t mean that a person has not the right to feel bad and rant. Expressing her point of view at her experience. What’s bad, is when it consumes you that you see others in a way that you forget the good part of you that they refuse to see. Don’t let anyone’s oppression take them to what they imagine themselves to be. Read twice and that serves as my disclaimer once I start to publish random madness and just a note to myself to remember when I’m tired and torn. I may forget this at times, but I will find a way to look back, I probably am reading this blog again.  

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