Why me? I don’t know you. I don’t even have the time to judge you. But the acts saddened me too much that all I can think is, WHY? I put so much effort to keep my distance as you put too much effort to serve your addiction of hate. The amount you put on the beauty perceived by many has an equal value to the hidden knives when you stab people behind and put words into their mouth and label them to humiliate. Silence gives a chance for the soul to humble himself. Distance provides an opportunity for the soul to heal.
I’m coward and immature for not buying your attitude of bias understanding of people’s ability and being.
How do you see yourself? If thinking way too general gives you confidence, I am not to judge the person you’ve become. If speaking your thoughts makes you feel knowledgeable, I am not to judge the person you’ve become. Kindness is a choice. Repugnance is a portion that matches the hole in the heart of one who gets offended, not a tool to oppress. UNJUST.

We don’t have to talk. I can’t be blamed to whatever you may have in mind.

You’re the one who creates every perception you allow yourself to presume. But I blame myself, to allow my heart to get hurt for not giving the fuss to explain the way I show how comfortable I am to be around. For being self-reliant that friendship doesn’t require a standard. For being honest that I don’t want to be surrounded by secret hateful judgment and silent lies. For just being myself before I met your shadow. You don’t have to preach. Don’t question me about respect. It’s not whom I chose to be deserving; I give it to those who need it most. Again, I don’t know you. That’s why, If you’re asking me what went wrong. It may not be you, but it’s how you see me. I’m obsessed with the truth, and that has an equivalent value to honor kindness. Yes, I speak hateful words as I hold upon to what I stand for justice. Therefore, I think in mind as my heart speak How do you talk about hate? Is it to compare the person you’ve become? How you throw stones to what you smell as mediocrity and not to taste their emotions bleeding Are you good enough to show the world how real your thoughts be? For looking at the wrong side of the people and not to what may others see you behind their nodding smirk People are different, so do we Who’s the victim between you and me?  

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