Online Infatuation

We can’t unsee what we saw and forget what we felt. I gazed a hundred eyes in this world to keep what is left. Seen many lives in different souls. To revive the hope and kindness that fall. Might because your shirt is white, That it inspires me to write. We talked the wonders of life and I discovered your eyes. The reason you make me smile Are stories of strength. A Viking who conquered the ocean and now, owns the wind. Valor to win what’s best despite the untold pain. Your mystery eases my misery. You’re a piece of cake that makes my day beautiful. To believe that simple things can be sweet. My crony that doesn’t require situations to be horny. Treated as a lady even you knew how my life went shady. I hope it’s you, as I’ll pray for what’s best for us. A friend I found at an impossible form yet all is real with a bit of fuss.    

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