The Drama without a Camera

Everything you had been interested in will come to its end when you’re losing excitement.


Where will I begin? The past months were quite hard for me to write about neutral and not so emotional thoughts. When a blog becomes a running ad and lack of realistic touch of life, that I believe becomes boring.


I had all the drama without a camera that I need to work a little bit extra but ended up passing because I’m already a mama.


I love writing, but I’m out of the piece that would reach my satisfaction to have the confidence in publishing content. I can share insights about becoming a freelancer virtual assistant, but there’s already a bunch of people who are paid to share their knowledge, and I don’t want to step on someone’s yard, But I’ll find a way to record my understanding in a different style. I guess.


I only had this chance to sit and write because of the power outage. When the electricity goes back to its job, I will go straight up to the task that I love doing. Photoshop and Data Entry.


I crochet, watch The Big Bang Theory on iFlix and read books to relax. Hi, blog! Am I back? I thought that you’re on your deathbed as the Social Media platform like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook help our mind goes easy on being visually entertained that flirts with our time and become like Barbie in a Barbie world, Life is Plastic it’s FANTASTIC. Old novelty song. Here’s Youtube that made everything convenient. I can work while listening to Ted talks. Now blog, if there’s no drama, show me the meaning of continuing to play with words and twitch the search engine to keep you alive.


So far, the only excitement I have right now on keeping my domain name was my online resume. My blog is my soft spot that can make or break the impression that I guess to be just right to my taste of what life is about and show how real my potential can be.


Will you still hit on a blog that doesn’t have pictures? My love for writing poison’s my thought of inferiority where trend dictates that the leverage of a blog should have a great Photo-ups to label a blogger not being a mediocre piece of crap to the society.


Where will I put my soul and kindness to the heated standards when my reason to love blogging is no longer the main course. The spirit of the story is dying, and that is very depressing. Just like when the song becomes techno that lacks lyrics. A movie of great effects but worked less with the dialogue.


Enough for the 3rd grader reflection paper. I just ran out of purpose for my blog. I guess I should go back to planning kick everything on my own and never care about being accepted or not.  The rudest way to kill my inferiority is to not pay attention to it at all.  I should learn from several encounters.

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